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NYC <3

Music isn’t what I do… it’s who I am <3

My cover of “A Thousand Years” with Branden Mendoza is finally on iTunes! Click the picture to download it from iTunes :)

"A Thousand Years" Cover Music Video! Please check it out and subsribe to my youtube channel!

Celeste Kellogg's CA street team: Welcome!


Welcome! I thought I would start a blog for the street team so you can get all the news, updates, and more about Celeste and/or California related Celeste info all in one place.

Here are our street team links if you want to check us out and become friends on these other sites:

Via ckcastreetteam

"Harmless" (new song)


Celeste is featured on for her new song “Harmless” under the section of “New and Recommended”. The song Harmless was written by Celeste as a tribute for the Connecticut shooting that happened on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Listen to the song and make sure to let Celeste know how you like it :) You can find the song here: ‘Harmless’

Via ckcastreetteam

In the moment performing “The Look” in Savannah, TN! #CPRTourMemories

Rehearsing “Looking In Your Eyes” with Branden Mendoza in Winona, MS! #CPRTourMemories

Our last night of being together on the Country Pop Rock Tour! We got to sign the Wall of Fame at Speckled T’s in Slidell, LA! #CPRMemories

Chilling after a long day :)

CPR… The Heartbeat of Music <3 SO EXCITED FOR THE @CPRTOUR! Are we coming to your area?!

Rehearsing at the hotel with Evan! #CMAFest2012

Good Morning World! (Taken with GifBoom)

Good Morning World! (Taken with GifBoom)

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